Alberto Fernandez came out in defense of Omar Perotti: “We must not tolerate the violent who insult and scourge”


President Alberto Fernandez sympathized this Saturday with the governor of Santa Fe Omar Perotti for the escrache he suffered in front of his house during a march in security claim and warned that you cannot “tolerate the violent who insult”.

“We must not tolerate the violent who insult and scourge, whatever the motivation that drives them to do. There can be no more victims of madness“Fernandez wrote on his Twitter account.

And he added that “the time has come for build a time of mutual respect“.

On Friday night, a group of protesters, who participated in the massive march in demand of justice for the death of Gonzalo Glaria, broke glass of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office and then threw eggs and made graffiti against the house of the provincial president.

The message of Alberto Fernández in support of the governor of Santa Fe, Omar Perotti
The message of Alberto Fernandez in support of the governor of Santa Fe, Omar Perotti

The Minister of Security, Marcelo Sain, held “socialist militants” responsible for the escrache that Perotti suffered.

“These facts are not part of the general mobilization. Here there is political thread, many interests of some sectors to show that the responsibility for this riot is the current management. People do not perform these acts of violence,” said Sain. He added that the socialist leaders Miguel “Lifschitz and (Ruben) Galassi must answer what their militants were doing there. There was a participation, without a doubt, they are socialist militants” who participated in the escrache, said Sain, in radio statements.

The Santafecino official is a high-profile political leader, who was a Buenos Aires legislator of the Nuevo Encuentro party -of Martin Sabbatella-, deputy minister of Security of the province of Buenos Aires and was in charge of the Airport Security Police during a part of the governments of Nestor and Cristina Kirchner.

One of those pointed out by Sain, Deputy Ruben Galassi, came out to answer him. “First I want to regret what happened, Gonzalo Glaria lost his life when he was chasing thieves with his motorcycle. Second, he regretted that a citizen demonstration ends with violence. And thirdly, Marcelo Sain’s statements are incomprehensible,” Galassi said. He added: “You read what he says and see if he has the emotional stability that the position of Minister of Security needs. Insecurity is a complex issue and one should not politicize these issues.”

The death of Gonzalo Glaria fully impacted Santafecina society, since the 26-year-old died on the last day of 2019, after falling off his motorcycle and hitting a parked car. The young man lost his balance after struggling with motochorros, whom he pursued after they had committed a robbery. The incident occurred in the Santafecina town of Rafaela, where on Thursday night there was a massive demonstration of the neighbors who demanded justice.

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In the last hours a video of a security camera appeared with the exact moment in which Glaria loses control of her motorcycle, falls and impacts violently with the back of a parked car. In the images you can also see how, after the fall, one of the criminals approaches the young man and hits him while he is on the floor.

The Justice ordered the autopsy of the young man to determine if he died as a result of the impact with the parked vehicle or by the beating he received. One of the criminals was already arrested.

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