Bouygues Telecom imposes a rate increase on one of its cheapest plans


After SFR and Free Mobile, it is Bouygues Telecom’s turn to discreetly increase the price of one of its plans. The victim is the B & You 20 GB limited series, billed at 5 euros per month. Its price increases by 2 euros each month in exchange for a data plan that swells by an additional 10 GB. If the subscriber does not want it, only one solution: unsubscribe.

Bouygues Telecom

Regularly, operators apply an increase in their packages. Its increases are legal, of course, but they are also regulated when they concern former subscribers. Thus, two rules are to be observed, logically. First, former subscribers whose plan amount changes, with or without compensation, must have a quick way to refuse this change before it is applied.

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Then, these same subscribers can cancel their subscription without penalty within four months after the implementation of the modification. Bouygues Telecom is therefore currently sending letters to certain subscribers. They are informed that their plan will “evolve”. On the one hand, it will be enriched with new services. And on the other hand, the price to pay will increase.

This is the case for B & You subscribers taking advantage of a 20 GB Limited Series package at 5 euros per month. From March 6, these subscribers will see their data plan increase by 10 euros for use in mainland France and by 2 GB for roaming in Europe and the French overseas departments. So, their plan will benefit from 30 GB including 5 GB to use abroad.

A 40% increase in the rate

The counterpart, the price increases by 2 euros. Which is proportionately huge. Indeed, on a package at 30 euros, this represents only 6.7% of the monthly amount. But on a 5 euro package, this corresponds to an increase of 40%. Logically, in this letter there should be a link to go to the customer area in order to access an option to refuse the current modification and keep the plan as it is today. However, this link does not exist. It is therefore obviously not possible to refuse this increase.

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There would therefore be only one alternative for the operator’s customers who do not wish to pay more for their package: to leave (which is, in our opinion, an undisclosed goal, because Bouygues Telecom should not certainly not gain much with these customers). Only here, the price this limited series is very attractive (usually, the B & You 20 GB package is 20 euros per month). So much so that subscribers will certainly not want to drop this plan. And they will certainly end up paying the 2 euros more, thus slightly increasing their ARPU. History does not (yet) say if other packages are affected.

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