Core One Labs subsidiary Core Isogenics Inc. brings the second and third crop of premium cannabis flowers to the Adelanto greenhouse


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 3rd January 2020 – Core One Labs Inc. (CSE: COOL), (OTCQX: CLABF), (Frankfurt: LD6, WKN: A14XHT) (“COOL” or the “company”) announces that its wholly-owned subsidiary Core Isogenics Inc. is the current second and third in the Adelanto growing company Harvest has ended successfully.

With the second and third harvest, around 20% of the acreage in the Flower Room was harvested, The company anticipates recurring crop yields to produce between forty and sixty pounds of cannabis flowers and small buds of the best quality per crop, The current market value of premium quality cannabis flowers grown in the greenhouse is currently between $ 1,200 and $ 1,800.00 per pound ( and is based on a clearly defined market for cannabis that is legally grown in California. The company management is pleased to announce that, according to the current estimates, the recurring income from greenhouse operations based on the wholesale prices mentioned above will soon exceed the current operating costs of the entire plant, including extraction, distillation and production, as well as sales and transport, These earnings forecasts from the cannabis flower product do not yet include the income from the existing Reveur and CannaStrips ™ product lines.

The Adelanto farm is designed so that recurring harvests can be harvested at approximately weekly intervals, The second and third harvests are clear evidence of the dedication and professionalism of the Core One Isogenics team responsible for growing and planting young plants: the second harvest took place directly on Christmas Eve and the following Christmas Day, the third harvest again fell on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. The Core Isogenics team even accepted winter driving conditions to bring in the harvest because the Adelanto cultivation company was wrapped in a blanket of snow on Christmas Day and the day after. The Interstate 15 Freeway on the Cajon Pass, which connects southern California to the high desert regions, was open all night and the following day blocked .,

Brad Eckenweiler, the CEO of COOL, is glad: “We only announced our first harvest two weeks ago, and now the second and third are already following. I am with our team and with the ongoing production of premium quality cannabis flowers that these employees give us, extremely satisfied. This week, our team has shown a level of commitment that is rarely found in a workforce; With a smile on their lips and great zeal and vigor, they brought in the second and third harvest despite the masses of snow and public holidays. It is incredibly rewarding to see how this project evolves into robust operation and at the same time a cornerstone of the COOL business model, this operating location it is thanks to that from now on we are able to consistently high qualityproducts from cannabis flowers like Reveur and CannaStrips ™ to manufacture. ”The company will the market participants about further progress in operation keep up to dates and inform you about the latest developments as soon as they become known.

About core Isogenics Inc.
Core Isogenics Inc. is located in Adelanto (California) and is a city-approved and state-licensed nursery and nursery company in the California cannabis industry. It develops isogenic Seed varieties and automated cultivation methods for the cannabis industry with core One Labs Inc., a British Columbia company.

about Core One Labs Inc.

Core One Labs Inc. is a technology company that licenses its technology to a state-of-the-art manufacturing and packaging facility in Southern California. With its technology, the company produces strips of cannabis infusion (similar to the leaves for fresh breath), which are not only safer and healthier than other forms of administration, but also score with a better bioavailability of the cannabis ingredients. In some strips, “ko-active “dietary supplements like nutraceuticals, Vitamins and peptides may be included. The technology enables a new form of administration to ensure accurate dose measurement and purity of the selected product. Throughout the entire production process, from start to finish, the quality and composition of all ingredients of each individual strip are tested based on the technology developed by the company. This creates a safe, consistent and effective delivery system. In addition, the company has made a better effort CannaStripsTM-Develop product, also gained extensive experience in the extraction and cultivation of cannabis. The operational know-how that the company was able to acquire as a result of these efforts has opened up new market opportunities for white label sales.

Core One Labs Inc.

Brad Eckenweiler

CEO & Director

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