Is the opening of the N-VA to the PS credible?


“I am always ready to take responsibility.” It was in these terms that the president of the N-VA spoke in Mechelen on Saturday evening at his party’s New Year reception. In the midst of a political crisis, Bart De Wever explained that he was not closing any doors and that his party was still in the race for the formation of a next federal government. With the support of the CD&V, the interested party also said he was convinced that the PS could still change his mind towards his party. And the same to evoke in the process the scenario of a “great agreement” with the Socialist Party of Paul Magnette. It is the famous “Burgundian” coalition (N-VA, socialists, liberals) enlarged to the CD&V, the alternative to the “Vivaldi” coalition.

“We are asking”

According to Bart De Wever, there is no shortage of points of agreement between the two parties: “There is the socio-economic component. We are ready to introduce new social policies if we can increase the participation rate in the labor market, for example, by increasing pension rates. We are asking for that. On the institutional side, where we know that everything is not possible, we can perhaps envisage steps forward. As for the immigration and security aspect, I think that an agreement is quite possible “,

he said on Saturday.

Remarks “honeyed” according to the MR Pierre-Yves Jeholet

This openness of the N-VA towards the Socialist Party was received with more or less skepticism and caution by the various political parties in the north and south of the country. For its part, the Socialist Party sees it as a recurrent strategy of the Flemish nationalists, precisely when the latter feel that the situation escapes them. This openness of Bart De Wever towards the PS did not convince the Minister-President of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Pierre-Yves Jeholet (MR) who qualified these remarks as “honey. “ “Bart De Wever says it is available, but I think he hasn’t necessarily demonstrated it systematically in the past”, he commented on the set of It’s not every Sunday on RTL-TVI. “If this speech had been made from the beginning, we might not be here today, did he declare. I think the N-VA, by a whole series of words and exclusives, may have put itself in trouble. “

The SP.A Vande Lanotte considers the approach serious

Asked by RTBF about Bart De Wever’s speech, royal informant Georges-Louis Bouchez admitted that “whenever a political party is reasonable, it helps to find a solution. “ “But, he added, what would be well, it would be to have reasonableness throughout the period. This has not always been the case for everyone. So I think we now have enough elements to make a decision. “

Conversely, former royal informant Johan Vande Lanotte (SP.A) held on the VRT set that Bart De Wever’s opening to the socialists could not be ignored. “When the largest party in the country makes an offer to the largest political family in the country, you cannot pretend that nothing has happened “he said, demanding that the two current informants quickly organize a meeting between the two political parties.

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