Jenni Rivera did sing for organized crime. The cause of his death?


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  • They finally revealed that Jenni Rivera did sing for organized crime
  • His former representative gave the details of the private parties in which ‘La Diva de la Banda’ gave his shows
  • Likewise, there was talk of a controversial case about sexual acts with an alleged drug trafficker

Controversial and very strong declarations arose where it was assured that Jenni Rivera did sing for organized crime.

Many followers of the Mexican regional genre speculate that their favorite performers, as well as musical ensembles of great fame, have gone to the very mansions and ranches of the most powerful criminals to liven up their parties.

Among the celebrities who were most speculated that he would have been an organized crime singer, is Jenni Rivera. And although for a long time it was not known if the information was true or not, on this occasion, his former representative and friend, Gabriel Velazquez, revealed in an interview to ‘Selling‘ the friction that the deceased singer had with criminal groups.

“There were several occasions that Jenni Rivera went to sing to important people, but it was all very discreet,” Gabriel said.

Subsequently, he confessed that they preferred not to speculate on the issues they were involved in: “These people cannot be asking what they do.”

Similarly, he explained that Jenni Rivera did not intend to sing for organized crime at first.

“At the beginning we started to refuse. We said: ‘we have those dates busy. ‘”

However, these people put an ‘ultimatum’ on them: “But when they tell you, put the date, you have no choice but to give a date.”

Subsequently, Velazquez said that Jenni Rivera never had problems with the salary that organized crime gave him for singing: “They paid everything in advance.”

“They see how to make you go there with them,” said the former manager of the interpreter, ensuring there was no way not to comply with the provisions.

But he stressed: “They treat you the best, they have a lot of security, they have you very well taken care of.”

Also, about the luxuries of criminals, Gabriel mentioned: “On several occasions they did send us a private plane.”

On the other hand, he said that Jenni Rivera had a ‘gift’ when it came to sharing with the public, in space, with the women of the criminals: “Daughters, wives, and girlfriends were very much won. She knew how to win that kind of people. ”

But he made one thing very clear: “If Jenni wanted to continue singing she did it because she wanted to, but she was never forced.”

On the alleged incident that Jenni Rivera would have had with an apparent criminal nicknamed ‘La Barbie’, where the alleged drug trafficker would have humiliated the singer in front of everyone, forcing her to do a sexual act, Velazquez was blunt: “It’s not true. I can tell you with that security. ”

But he mentioned that this person was in the presentations of ‘La Diva de la Banda’: “I know he was at some of the parties Jenni sang and he was there, but he was away.”

Before the controversial video, the messages of the users did not take in appearing, but all were with somewhat negative dyes.

“Well, where do you think he was getting for his surgeries,” said a follower.

“Because you think she is dead. There you go and go dead, ”said another Internet user.

Another speculated about the death of Jenni Rivera: “They serve you so well that they decide when to kill you.”

“The Barbie always told the truth,” said another.

And another one went on Jenni Riveras pretensions “That happened to him as ambitious.”

“No one can force you to sing to a specific sector. If you went it was because the money agreed to you and if they threatened you, you had thousands of microphones to report them ”, was another of the comments of Internet users.

This controversial video appeared after an interview Pepe Garza gave Jenni Rivera a few months after the singer died, where Jenni herself revealed that she had received threats.


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