Morning – LNFP blunder misleads Raja


The National Professional Football League published a letter on Monday to announce that the date of the Raja-DHJ match (update of the 9th day of the Botola D1) is maintained and that the match should be played on Tuesday 7 January at the stadium El Abdi.

Except that instead of January 7, 2020, the LNFP committed a typo and announced the date of February 7, 2020. “Le Matin” contacted the secretary general of the LNFP, Seddik Alaoui (signatory of the said letter ), who confirmed that it was a typing error and that the meeting is still scheduled for January 7 in El Jadida.

The Raja, who was misled by publishing the letter on its official Facebook page, assuring that there was a delay, has still not confirmed its intention to play the match, while the DHJ ensures that the match must to play on Tuesday afternoon.

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