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He has repeatedly proven that Adam Sandler can also play serious roles – but with “The Black Diamond” the comedian is now delivering his acting masterpiece! However, it was not enough for an Oscarn nomination.


It was clear that despite realistic chances, it would not be easy for Adam Sandler with an Oscar nomination for Best Actor for his role as an addicted diamond dealer in “The Black Diamond”: On the one hand, the competition is particularly strong this year (in the end Joaquin Phoenix was nominated for “Joker”, Adam Driver for “Marriage Story”, Antonio Banderas for “Suffer and Glory”, Leonardo DiCaprio for “Once Upon A Time … In Hollywood” and Jonathan Pryce for “The Two Popes”) , On the other hand, despite serious roles in films such as “Punch-Drunk Love” or “The Meyerowitz Stories”, Sandler has also simply removed the reputation of the levelless clunker from many …

However, one has to say: The fact that “The Black Diamond” was not nominated for its sound and especially its cut (in our opinion, it is at the forefront in both categories this year), also speaks a bit for that Many Academy voters never even watched the film. Anyway, Adam Sandler takes it sporty anyway – and reacts with a tweet written in the third person (as Sandman), whose self-irony comes across quite sympathetically and with which he also congratulates a good old friend of his own for his Oscar success:

The bad news: Sandman doesn’t get love from the Academy.
The good news: Sandman no longer has to wear suits.
Congratulations to all of my friends who have been nominated, especially mom.

In this case, “Mama” naturally means the Kathy Bates shown in the photo, who plays the mother of Adam Sandler’s character in the football comedy “Waterboy – the guy with the water damage” and today an Oscar nomination for her role in Clint Eastwoods “The Richard Jewell Case”. It won’t be long for her to win this time, but for her performance in “Misery” she already has a gold boy on the shelf in the category Best Actress.

And all we can say about Adam Sandler’s non-nomination: Who needs an Oscar nomination if they got the full five stars from FILMSTARTS? And what about the praise that it winds as virtuously as an electrified eel? You can read our detailed review of the new film by the Safdie brothers (“Good Times”) here:

The FILMSTARTS review of “The Black Diamond”

“The Black Diamond” will be available in Germany from January 31st on Netflix.


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