Pink in support of fires in Australia donates a lot of money


The pop singer American Pink says he’s donating $ 500,000 to help fight forest fires that have devastated parts of Australia.

The real name of P! Nk is Alecia Beth Moore, she is not only a singer, she is also an acrobat, actress, composer, and dancer, being a pioneer of the culture of the pop music, now also focuses on philanthropy.

Forest fires, which have been furious since September, have already burned around 5 million hectares (12.35 million acres) of land and destroyed more than 1,500 houses.

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It is worrying to see that history is repeating itself just as it happened recently in the Amazonas Jungle where little could be done about it.

“I am totally devastated seeing what is happening in Australia right now with the terrible forest fires,” Pink wrote in his Twitter account on Saturday to his 32.2 million followers.

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The number of people who have lost their lives in the forest fire crisis is now up to twenty-three. It is expected that the fires Be particularly fierce all weekend.

“I am promising a donation of $ 500,000 directly to the local fire services that are fighting so hard on the front line. My heart is with our friends and family in Oz, “shared the interpreter of So what.

According to weather predictions The worst of the fires have come this weekend, so people and species of local plants and animals are at risk.

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Pink is not the only celebrity who joins the cause about this event, Keith Urban Ountry music singer originally from Australia He shared a Tweet where they are supporting fire services.

“The support, thoughts and prayers of our family are with all those affected by the fires throughout Australia. We are donating $ 500,000 to the Rural Fire Services they are doing and giving so much right now. – KU,” the singer.

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