Pokemon GO: How to defeat Heatran in pairs


In Pokemon GO you can now find Heatran in the legendary raids. We’ll show you how two of you can beat the Pokemon at level 30.

How long is Heatran available? On January 7th at 10 p.m., Heatran returns to the legendary raids. It will remain in the game until February 4th. In time you can also find it as a shiny.

Heatran is fairly easy to beat in the raid. All you need is level 30 Pokemon that are effective. We’ll show you which monsters to choose.

Defeat Heatran in a duo – Here’s how

These are good counterattacks: Heatran is of the steel and fire type. It is therefore susceptible to the types of combat, water and soil. It even has a double weakness against the latter.

Therefore, mainly use ground Pokemon. They are significantly better than the Pokemon of the other two types. The best counterattack against Heatran can be found here.

This makes the fight easier: Always keep in mind that weather and friendship levels can have a positive impact on the fight. If you have a weather bonus and are fighting with a best friend, then you have the best conditions.

In our calculations we only considered the friendship level and assumed the highest level. We left the weather outside.

Defeat Heatran at level 30 – Here’s how

Meets these requirements: At level 30 you should already be a hyper friend with your partner. This is also possible, but it becomes much more difficult. You can choose from a total of 5 Pokemon here.

Knakrack is the top counterattack.

Use this Pokemon: The 5 Pokemon are also the best counterattack against Heatran. Pay attention to the right attacks:

  • Cracked crack with clay shot and earthquake
  • Rihornior with clay clamp and earthquake
  • Groudon with clay shot and earthquake
  • Stalobor with clay clamp and hammer drill
  • Rizeros with clay clamp and earthquake

Defeat Heatran at level 35 – Here’s how

Meets these requirements: At level 35, the friendship level isn’t that critical. If you use the top 5 counter, the level doesn’t matter. Better friendship gives you even more choice on the counter.

Ground Geowaz Rizeros
Mainly relies on ground Pokemon

Use this Pokemon: You can use 3 more ground-type Pokemon to defeat Heatran in pairs. The best friendship level is important:

  • Golgantes with clay clamp and earth forces
  • Geowaz with clay clamp and earthquake
  • Donphan with clay clamp and earthquake

Defeat Heatran at level 40 – Here’s how

Meets these requirements: At this level, the friendship level is completely irrelevant and you can easily beat Heatran in pairs if you have the top counter. With the right friendship level, even more counters are possible.


Use this Pokemon: There are 2 more counterattacks if you have the right attacks and the right friendship level:

  • Sumpex with clay shot and earthquake
  • Libelldra with clay shot and earth forces

How hard will the fight be? If you use the top counter, then the duo will also be quite feasible at level 30. If you want to experiment with a slightly weaker Pokemon, it can get a little tighter.

It is interesting to see: Only ground-type Pokemon make it into a duo against Heatran. This is due to Heatran’s double weakness against the ground. So take full advantage of this weakness and only rely on water or battle Pokemon in the trio.

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