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After the dissensions that marked the two partners of the Bourgeois Entente last year, the municipal elections this spring necessarily constitute a life-size test for the alliance between the PLR ​​and the PDC. The parties had until Monday noon to table the names of their candidates.

In how many municipalities will the two parties still leave allies? In how many others will there be separate lists and candidates or rallies with other formations? Now it is time to count down and even if each municipality has its specificities, it appears that the alliance is crumbling: it is no longer obvious.

In some municipalities, each party leaves alone. In others, the PDC favored an alliance with the Green Liberals rather than with its traditional ally. The March 15 elections will therefore reveal the electoral strength of each party. With the risk for the bourgeois camp to lose feathers there.

No right-wing elected to the executive?

The race for the town hall of the City should focus the attention of these elections. Of the five members of the executive, only the socialist Sami Kanaan is standing for re-election.

Following the scandal of the administrative advisers’ expense reports, the PDC Guillaume Barazzone and the elected representative of Ensemble a Gauche Remy Pagani will not be seeking a new term. Green Esther Alder has also given up. Outgoing mayor, the socialist Sandrine Salerno is coming to the end of her three terms.

“We cannot exclude that the left obtains the five seats of the administrative council of the City of Geneva. By the play of the alliances, by the majority logic and because the moderate right, like populist, are weakened”, explains the political scientist Pascal Sciarini in the 7:30 p.m.

>> The lighting of Flore Amos in 12:45 pm:

In Geneva, deadline at noon for the submission of the lists of candidates for the municipal elections of 2020. Lighting by Flore Amos.

12:45 p.m. –

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