“Those who forget their goals weaken themselves”


“With the coalition talks, the Austrian Greens had to take the OVP out of the corner with right-wing populists. It is due to them that they have accepted the responsibility to bring the OVP back to the democratic center,” commented the German Greens leader Robert Habeck the agreement between Werner Kogler and OVP boss Sebastian Kurz on a coalition government.

Warning of weakening the Greens

However, according to the German Handelsblatt, Habeck also says: “The formation of a black and green government in Austria is a lesson. It shows that the ability to compromise on the way to power must not be limitless.” And he warns: “Those who forget part of their political goals end up weakening themselves.” The green government is therefore “an exciting experiment from the laboratory of power – with an open outcome”.

The formation of a government in Austria cannot be transferred to Germany one-to-one, says Green Party boss Habeck: “We are a long way from the CDU and CSU in key policy areas; our job is to challenge the Union.”

As reported, the green government participation is also criticized by green veterans, such as Peter Pilz, the founder of List Now. He said in the “Standard”: “I warn the green delegates: If you agree, then the short-trap snaps shut.” And the “only way out” is: “renegotiate and pull the blue fangs out of this government program.”

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