Turquoise-Green praised: “Wish the colors of this government are red-white-red”


The motto of the expert government under Chancellor Brigitte Bierlein was to manage. That did not stop the ministers from getting some legislative material under way. Twenty assessment procedures have been initiated, twelve proposals have made it to the National Council, four of which are laws. Three subjects are still under review. Not surprisingly, the Kurz government was significantly more active. 153 draft assessments meant that an initiative was launched every 3.5 days. The Bierlein cabinet sent something on the way every ten days. For this, the assessment was taken much more seriously. On average there were 40 days for comments, with the turquoise-blue government only 28 days.

Of course, the fact that the Bierlein government has only introduced a few laws does not mean that little has happened in the National Council. The numerous decisions of the past few months are almost without exception based on proposals submitted by the parliamentary clubs.

Bierlein has little joy with some of the decisions in the free play of forces. In an interview with the Salzburg news In this respect she called the pension reform “which is budget-relevant and burdens the next government”, or the adjustment of the care allowance. The decision to close the Saudi dialogue center also brings “problematic developments” with it.

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